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We at "Praise The Rock Radio" are grateful to have been able to share the Gospel all over the world,

and bring you the best Christian Rock, Contemporary, Gospel & Variety for over six years.

During that time, we have reached nearly every Country on the planet with the Gospel.

We have a "help the homeless" program which distributes tracks and Bibles, food and personal items,

and ministers to the broken,

PTR has impacted thousands of lives through Christian music, teaching and personal ministering.

as well as witnessing countless miracles as our prayer team has continued to pray for the needs of others,

and we are happy to support unsigned artists and all our great musician friends all over the world.


But we need your help to continue!



Your donation of $5 or $10 or $20 a month, or any amount, is the cornerstone

in the building of a stable and secure foundation for this ministry.


We are a non profit ministry and 100% of all donations go to keeping PTR on the air,

obtaining Bibles, tracks, food and personal items for the homeless.


Please pray and ask God how you can help us to achieve our fund raising goal


Thanks to our first monthly sponsors 

Debbie from Las Vegas

Jim from Seattle

Linda from Alabama


Your sponsorship is what makes it possible for us to

continue to spread the gospel all over the world


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Thank you, and may God richly bless you today & always.

DJ Jimmy and the PTR Staff.